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Buying Guide Laptops : How to Choose the Best Laptop for You In 2022

Buying Guide Laptop The number of laptop models and manufacturers on the market has exploded in recent years, making it hard... buyers guide laptops
Worried about buying a new laptop? Don’t be, if you follow this guide on how to choose the best laptop for you, you’ll be able to make an informed purchase decision and end up with the right laptop for your needs at the best price possible. This buying guide will give you everything you need to know about laptops and how to buy one
Buying Guide Laptops

Buying Guide Laptops

The number of laptop models and manufacturers on the market has exploded in recent years, making it hard to choose which laptop is right for you. With this Laptop Buying Guide, we’ll show you how to choose the best laptop for your needs—whether that means by operating system, budget, screen size, or any other factor—so you can confidently choose the right one before making a purchase. So let's started.
What are the things you should keep in mind before buying a laptop or what is important for a buyer

Make a wishlist / Buyers Guide laptops

Today, there are many types of laptops available in the market, which have been divided into different categories, in which most of the people are confused. To buy a laptop, the buyer should first know why he wants that laptop or what he expects from his laptop. Keeps things like office work, gaming, video editing or all in one etc. If a buyer has prepared his wishlist, then there is no need to think much in buying a laptop for him. 
If you are still not able to prepare your wishlist or are not able to understand, then in this blog we have shared your comment on all the points in detail.


Budget has a very important role in buying a laptop or anything, you have to analyze while staying in your budget, which are the laptops that come in your wish list, it often happens that you will get good laptops priced more than your budget. No matter what your budget is, you do not have to stretch much. 


Mac or Windows? Generally Mac laptop buyers know that they have to buy Mac laptop only. Windows buyers have this confusion if you get a chance to choose Mac laptops.
Mac V/s Windows Read More....

Display & Form factors

What should be the size of your laptop, how heavy should it be, which features will be right for you, it is something like this


If you do not do much with your laptop, only do office work, then laptops with 13" inch or 14" inch display are right for you, because of that they are portable as well as lightweight. Same if you want to do gaming or video editing then you will need a slightly bigger screen.

Touch & Folding screen 

As touch screen laptops and laptops with 360 ° rotating folding display have also come in the market, we do not think that you will need them especially touch screen laptops, if you need then you can also see this feature or else avoid 

Refess rate

If you do gaming, you watch action movies, then you should watch laptops with fast refresh rate, otherwise this normal refresh rate of 60 Hz is more then effective in your normal work.

Coulor Accuracy

Laptops Coulor Accuracy

Friends, if most of your work is of photoshop or video editing, where coulors are very important, then before buying a laptop, you must check how many coulors are in the laptop, how much is its collar gamed, how much is the color of srgb gamed, how much is it generally 92 to 95% Otherwise the colors you will see on the display will be different from the actual color.

Web camp

In today's time, web camp has become necessary in meetings on social sites, if webcam is necessary for you too, then pay attention to build in microphone and webcam should be of good quality
In general now laptops come with 2 to 3 mics, due to which there is a benefit in nice canceling clear voice. 

Build quality

Laptop buyer should pay special attention to the build quality of the laptop, many times it happens that buyers buy laptops after looking cheap. If their pots start moving or they will stop working, buyer should avoid this, you should focus on good brand or quality or buy laptop with metallic body


Nowadays the user does not need a CD drive in the laptop, if you are stuck for it, discard it.
Laptops Ports image

USB Type C

Your laptop must have at least one USB Type C port, which is being used everywhere today. 

USB type A 

Usb type A should be at least 3, one of them is a fast USB type A port 3.0 then it will be better
Which will help you to speed up your data transfer process.


If you are going to install more monitor or are thinking of installing it in future or you say you have taken a small laptop and want to connect it with big screen then you will be able to connect it with HDMI port.

Audio Video

Generally laptop speakers are not so good if you are going to install external speaker then there is no problem because there is 3.5 jack audio port but if you are going to use more multimedia big display, good audio and also attention of caller accuracy keep it


Well now there are laptops with wifi 6 in the market but you have to keep in mind that your laptop should have at least wifi 5 and bluetooth 5.0

Operating System

Windows 10 Home Edition is also fine and it will be better if you have Pro 
If you have a copy of Windows or if you want, you can also buy a DOS laptop and install Windows in it, in the same laptop, you get 3 to 4 thousand rupees cheaply, after that you can save some money by installing Windows or directly pre. Install can also go to laptop


Laptops keypad

After the display, our most interaction is with the keyboard, if you do a lot of typing or if you are going to use an external keyboard, then there is no problem but if you are going to use the keyboard of the laptop, then you need to know the size, quality and size of the keys. You also have to pay attention to the space between the keys, if the keys are not close enough or the quality is not good, then you can see a lot of difficulty in typing.

Laptops Bettery & Power


In a good laptop, the battery backup should be at least 4 hours, note that whenever you buy a laptop, the companies claim that the battery backup of their laptop is 6 hours 12 hours, out of which you should take away 40% of the time because the companies have their own Ideal battery backup is telling which is not possible in regular condition


If your budget allows, then you can also look for fast charger if you want, anyway in today's time almost all laptops come with fast charging support which will make your working time good.


SSD and HDD are used for storage, the difference between SDD and HDD is that the read and ride speed in HDD is much slower than SDD, the buyer's first choice should be ssd, even if you get less storage, laptops with HDD storage will be slow. You get to see good speed in SSD, in many laptops both SSD and HDD are available, it depends on the price of the laptop.


Best laptops processers

The most important processor for laptop is the processor, you will have 2 choices in the processor AMD ryzen and intel, both are good in terms of processor performance, Intel has always been the best, but if we talk about today's time, AMD has done intel to some extent. If you are told in short, AMD processor is cheap in price, you can read our article for more information about these processors.
AMD ryzen v/s intel processor


For today's time, you need to have 8 GB ram in your laptop, if there is a m2 slot to extend it, it will be even better so that you will be able to upgrade in the future. And if you use the laptop for video editing, gaming or any other heavy task, then it should be at least 16 GB.

Graphic card

Integrated graphic card is enough for most of the normal work or it is said that they do not require dedicated graphic card as we have told that if you are going to do gaming or video editing then you need dedicated graphic card for good performance


As we told that in future, if you want to increase the performance of your laptop or you have not thought about it yet, you still need to look at it. There should be no soldered RAM for that, there should be an extra slot so that if you ever have to upgrade your 8 ram, then you can easily remove it and there you will be able to upgrade it to 16 GB

Brand & Service station

Laptops Brands

The brand is also important so that you can get the service station easily, as well as you should also be aware of the service station. Minimum 1 year warranty 


Before taking any product, buyers must see the review of that product on the online market, which will help you to know about the features and drawbacks of the product. 

In this blog, we have tried to answer all kinds of questions that come to the mind of a laptop buyer while buying a laptop, friends, whenever we review a laptop, then keeping all the topics in mind, here we bring information to you 

If you are still confused then you can comment your question and wait for the reply of experts

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FAQ- About Laptops

Q. Which company's laptop is best?

Ans. We believe that all brands do good work at their level, all try to give good product and good performance at their level to their users. 

Q. How to choose a good laptop for yourself in 2022?

Ans. First of all, you have to decide what you expect from your laptop, then follow all the points given in the blog, which will help you a lot.

Q. Is 4GB RAM enough for laptop?

Ans. No, in today's time it is necessary to have at least 8 GB Ram.

Q.What is a good processor for a laptop?

Ans. Processors with more cores and more threads coming in the latest generation give good performance. 
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