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BGMI BAN- What does Section 69A of the IT Act refer to?

According to Section 69(A) of the IT Act, the Indian government has formally outlawed BGMI. The country's first news source to disclose the expulsion of BGMI was Gamingsalt. The information on Section 69(A) of the IT Act, which was cited at the time of this ban, is provided below.
Section 69 (a)

According to a Reuters story, the Indian Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) gave orders to shut down BGMI in accordance with Section 69(A) of the Information Technology Act, 2000.


The ability to give directives "to intercept, monitor or decrypt any information generated, sent, received, or stored in any computer resource" is granted to the Central and State governments.

The following grounds may be used to exercise these powers:
  • In the interest of defending India's sovereignty or territorial integrity and ensuring the country's security.
  • amiable ties with other countries.
  • For maintaining public order or to stop the encouragement of any crimes that are punishable by law related to them.
  • for looking into any offence.

The Low Read - Section 69 (A) Act:

Section 69A. The authority to give instructions prohibiting public access to any material via any computer resource
  1. When the Central Government, or an officer specifically designated by it in this regard, determines that it is necessary or expedient to act in order to protect India's sovereignty and integrity, defence, security, friendly relations with other countries, public order, or to prevent incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence related to the foregoing, it may, subject to the provisions of subsection (2), for reasons to be recorded in writing.
  2. Procedures and safety precautions that must be followed in order to prevent access by the general public may be mandated.
  3. The intermediary who disregards the instruction given under subsection
  4. shall be subject to a sentence of imprisonment that may not exceed seven years, as well as a fine.
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