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The Word's Most Powerfull Gaming Tablet: The ROG FLOW Z13 Review

The most powerful gaming tablet in the world is the newest member of the ROG Flow family. The ROG Flow Z13 blends the greatest features of tablet
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I was pleased by how Asus managed to combine power and portability in a gaming laptop when I tested the Flow X13. The idea of an integrated gaming laptop and external GPU was nothing short of fantastical. Asus has taken a completely new approach this year.

Word's Most Powerfull Gaming Tablet: The ROG FLOW Z13

 The ROG Flow Z13, a gaming tablet with a detachable keyboard and an optional external GPU, is based on the same technology as the X13. The equipment is pricey, and the idea is crazy. Compromises are also made.

Img source asus

A Surface Pro clone with powerful graphics

I haven't tried a pro-level gaming system as tiny and light as the Z13 in a very long time. With aggressive cut-outs and a striking design, it has the looks of a gaming laptop. The design of the Z13 makes it appear as though it was created with gamers in mind. A portion of the motherboard is highlighted in rainbow-hued RGB lights beneath the rear glass pane, which is located on the back. The tiny glass panel on the back cannot be disregarded because it gives the chassis a touch of beauty.

Img source Asus

The Z13 is inspired by detachables like Microsoft's Surface Pro in terms of style. With its Surface-like kickstand, the display can tilt at various angles. It has the same excellent build quality that I anticipate from a high-end laptop. The Flow Z13 is lighter than conventional gaming laptops, weighing only 1.2 kg with the keyboard cover connected (more on that later). I never would have imagined a few years ago that I could bring a gaming laptop to a coffee shop, but it is now feasible.

The 2-in-1 form factor really enhances its use, which is what matters most to me, especially in situations where I need my tablet to behave more like a laptop. Having said that, I find it strange to carry the Z13 as a separate tablet. The experience does not even come close to the iPad because it is bulkier than most tablets I have used. Any comparison to the iPad is also unfair because the Z13 has a discrete Nvidia GPU.

The Z13 is a powerful gaming computer housed in a small body. For a tablet/laptop of this size, a wide variety of ports is outstanding. You have a MicroSD card slot (behind the hinge), a USB 2.0 Type-A port, a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, and a headphone jack. The power button, which is also a fingerprint sensor, is situated above the volume rocker. An IR camera should be standard equipment on the Z13, in my opinion.

Outstanding visuals and powerful audio

The 13.4-inch screen has excellent viewing angles and a nice appearance. Animations and interactions are fluid thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate, and the colour accuracy is excellent even without calibration. Unfortunately, the screen struggles in bright settings and with direct sunlight.

The Z13's two speakers, which are powerful enough to fill my room, are another outstanding feature. They are adequate for watching YouTube videos and casual music listening, but if you want to game on this tablet, I suggest investing in a nice set of headphones.

RGB keyboard, but not enough impact

keyboard in RGB The Z13's portability, which allows you to work or play games anywhere, is a benefit. Due in large part to the form factor and the Type Cover keyboard, it takes up less space than a third of a gaming laptop. I knew it would be unfair to compare the included keyboard cover to a standard keyboard on gaming laptops, but I wish it could have been better. Although it lacks the oomph, I'm not against the keyboard cover that comes with the Z13.

ROG FLOW Z13 keyboard

Wherever the fingers land on a key, it remains stable. There are even some beautiful RGB lighting effects on the keys. When you're carrying your smartphone around, a folding magnetic cover offers some protection, mainly by preventing the screen from getting scratched when it's in a bag. All good, but typing is not a fun experience due to the small size and shallow keys.

It takes some getting used to the smaller size keyboard compared to the standalone keyboard. The size disparity is substantial. Although the keyboard works just fine for browsing the internet, I can't imagine myself using it to write lengthy feature material or play video games. This keyboard lacks the mechanical feel that most gamers look for in a gaming keyboard. The trackpad is below below. The trackpad is small but has a fantastic clicking sensation.

Dedicated graphics

The tablet and the XG docking station are the two components of the ROG Flow Z13, as I mentioned in the introduction. The concept is straightforward: the Nvidia RTX 3080 Laptop GPU boosts the system when the XG Docking Station is plugged in. It essentially gives the device additional graphic processing capability, which is what gamers desire from a powerful gaming PC. I am unable to tell you how much the performance improves when the XCG docking station is connected because Asus delivered the Flow Z13 evaluation device without the XG Docking Station (sold separately).

The model I examined, which has a retail price of Rs 181,990, has an Intel Core i9-12900H processor, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD. Even if it's designed to appeal to die-hard gamers, that's a lot of money for a computer.

Rog z13

Without a connection to an eGPU, the Z13 is a fully functional gaming machine. I was able to play the majority of contemporary games at FHD+ quality and frame rates considerably above 30. The performance is great, but I must point out that the Z13 isn't as quick as a laptop or desktop made specifically for gaming. Other constraints are brought about by the Z13's small and thin nature. The Z13's battery life is therefore subpar and won't last more than a day. The Z13 lasted less than five hours on a typical workday. The battery hardly lasts an hour when playing AAA games.

What is the price of Asus ROG Flow Z13 in India?

The Asus ROG Flow Z13 is priced at Rs 1,36,990 with a one-year warranty and is now available for purchase in online and offline stores.

Is it worthwhile to purchase the Asus ROG Flow Z13?

I don't want to promote the Z13 because it is still quite experimental. Yes, it features a smart design, a brilliant 13.4" display, great performance, and a passable keyboard. The entire execution, however, is lacking. The Z13's excessive attempt to blend into both worlds is the main problem. Pro-gamers would prefer a dedicated gaming laptop over the Z13 because it is more powerful. It also isn't as portable as light as a tablet. And certainly, the total price of ownership—if one considers the XG Mobile GPU—makes it far more expensive than the most proficient and potent gaming laptops now on the market.

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