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What is domain name and how to choose a best domain for you

What is domain name and how many types of domain are there? Here I will explain to you what exactly a domain name is, what they’re used for, and so...
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The first step in creating a blog or website is to select a domain name for your blog or website. Because your domain reflects your blog's and website's online identities, and your online presence is known by the same name.
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What is domain name and how many types of domain are there? Here I will explain to you what exactly a domain name is, what they’re used for, and some best practices when it comes to choosing the perfect one. Remember that having a unique name will help make your brand or business stand out from the crowd, so it’s an important thing to get right!

What is domain name?

A domain name (also known as a website address) is the unique web address of your site that users enter into their browser to access your content. Domain names are the equivalent of street addresses, helping people find the exact location of your site online, just like street addresses on maps help people find physical locations offline. 

Understanding different types of domain names can help you choose the right one for your business or blog so that you’re successful in attracting more customers and making more money online!

Why you need a domain Name?

If you want to start an internet business or establish an online identity, you'll need a domain name. A domain name is a type of web address that can be used to get straight to your blog or website by typing it into any search engine or browser. A domain name is a key component of online success since it symbolises your brand.
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Name of the domain. We need the domain address of any website or blog to find it on the internet.

Consider it a quote, similar to

This is the web address of your blog and website, which Internet users may access directly without the assistance of a search engine by typing it into the URL bar of any browser.

What is domain name example?

Your website's domain name example such as Gamingsalt, is the name of my website.
Any website's domain name is its name, and when that name is combined with an extension, it creates a domain address.

For instance, if I have the domain name (Gamingsalt) and the URL is HTTPS://www. If I, it will become, and the domain address and web address will be named Domain Address and Web Address.

What is the Used of Domain Name?

People can quickly access your website and blog thanks to the domain name. as an example:
By typing this type of domain name, you can instantly reach the websites of Facebook, Google, and Youtube.
The domain name is similar to your home's address in that it allows people to find you if they know your address.

The address of your website is the same as your domain name, and visitors may see it by typing it into the URL bar on their computer or mobile device.

How does a domain name work in details?

A computer or mobile looks for a website using its IP address, which is something like Each computer/ mobile has its own IP address.
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We all have mobile phones, and each person's phone number is unique, thus we must dial his phone number to contact him.
Similarly, every computer has its own IP address, and when we search a website, our computer uses its IP address to find that page.

You may also search for a website by its IP address, but we don't have to remember the IP addresses of each and every website. As a result, the domain name that has been introduced is very human-friendly and easy to remember.
So, when we need to find a website we simply type the domain URL into the search bar and the webpage appears on our PC and mobile device.

Learn more - What is DNS (domain Name System) Work of DNS server?

What is Dot Extension in domain ?

This is the part of the domain name which has to be selected according to the bottom of the blog or website or keeping in mind the target audience.
If you are building a website, then first you have to buy its domain name which are with different extensions like .com, .net, .org.
As you know that the web is running since the 90's, since then many domains have been registered, whatever you have to buy a domain name for your website, you have to first search and see that domain name. available or not
This means that whatever domain name you want to buy, it should be unique.
If someone has already bought that name, then you will not get that name like, then you can do one thing, you can buy it by finding it in .net, .org, .in
.com domain extension is considered as main frame, apart from this there are other domains like country level domains which include .in, .pk, .uk etc.

These domain extensions also help in the SEO of your website, which we have explained in a better way below.

What is the difference between domain name, hosting and website?

Domain Name

Your domain name is the name of your website, or in other words, it is the web address through which people can access your website. Just as your home's address is the address of your home, your domain name is the address of your website.


Hosting refers to the location where your website's data is saved it can be a software application, a huge customised computer, or even a server.

Which is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By which your website is accessible to users 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the internet.


Blogs are online pages that your audience and visitors may see, and they're made with the help of a CSM (Content Management System) like wordpress, blogger, Wix, and others.
WordPress is the most well-known platform for producing blogs, and it allows you to establish your own blog and website with just one click.

A nice theme, which makes your blog look professional and readers like to read your website, is required to make the blog look like a website.
A well-designed and user-friendly blog or website is also given greater weight by Google.

What is Subdomain?

A subdomain is part of a primary domain. Because our domain is, and we add to it, it becomes a subdomain, and you may have as many subdomains as you want under one domain.

If you see a name after WWW and then a dot, and then a name followed by an extension with a dot, you know it's a subdomain.

You can build a subdomain for your website using this method, and you won't have to spend anything to do so. If you purchase Main Domain, you will be able to build numerous subdomains inside it.

What is public domain?

The term "public domain" does not refer to any specific online address or URL rather, it refers to anything that are freely available on the internet, such as books, software, photographs, and music.

Which you are free to download and use without any copyright issues.

How many Type of Domains ? And Which One should we take?

There are many different types of domains, each with its own significance, such as
  • Top Level Domain Name(TLD)
  • Country Code Top Level Domain Name (ccTLD)

Top Level Domain Name (TLD)

Top Level Domain Names (TLDs) are those that are universally recognised, such,.net, When you first start your blog or website, you should only choose a top-level domain from which your site or blog can be accessed from anywhere in the world. In the top-level domain ".com" it is both possible and popular.

Country Code Top Level Domain Name (ccTLD)

The term "country code top level domain name" refers to a domain name that identifies a specific nation. For example, say you live in India and your website is just for Indians; visitors from outside the country have no access to it. So you'll use domain extension India, and your website will only be accessible from this domain in India.

Every country, likewise, has its own country code top level domain, such as: -
  • .in (India)
  • .us (United States)
  • .cn (China)
  • .br (Brazil)
There are also certain domain categories that explain a particular field, such as: -
  • .edu (education)
  • .gov (government)
  • .mil (military)
  • .org (organization)

Generic Top Level domains and Specific Keywords Domain

Generic Domain Name

Generic top-level domains are also known as gTLD’s There are no constraints on the name of your blog; you can use any name in the Generic Domain Name field, including your own.
For example, and are two popular blogs with generic domain names, and there are many more.

Specific Keywords Domain

specific domain As we previously stated, once your niche has been determined, you must add your keyword to your domain.

What you should keep in mind while buying a domain

What is the procedure for registering a domain name? The domain name of your website is the brand name of your online company website, and it is from this name that people will recognise your website, thus there are a few factors to consider when choosing a domain name:-

Short & Simple Domain Name

Your website's and blog's domain names should always be short and simple, because people can remember a simple and appealing domain name quickly, and they can easily access your website when they want to visit it again. able to get there from

Domain Name Spelling

Whatever domain name you choose, make sure it's spelled correctly and avoid using words that are difficult for people to enter.

Use Keyword In Domain Name

If you have a clear idea of what your blogging niche will be, you should include your major keyword in the domain name as well; this enhances SEO and helps you rank faster in search engines.

Mobile Test

Nowadays, most people access every website through their mobile phone, and you may have noticed that individuals also use Google Speaker to search for anything.

So, when purchasing a domain, keep in mind that it must pass the mobile test, which means that your domain name must be appropriately written in the search result even when spoken into the mobile search speaker.

Use Top Level Domain

Always pick a top-level domain so that people from all over the world can read your blog and visit your website. In terms of top-level domains, my recommendation is that you exclusively If the domain you desire is not available, you can choose a different top level domain such
TLD img
If your website or blog is for a specific country, such as India, you can use a country code top level domain such

Don't Use Any Company Brand Name 

When choosing a domain name for your blog or website, keep in mind that using the brand name of another firm is not permitted. For example, if you're creating a mobile review website, you can't use the names Samsung or Nokia. If you write a review, you won't be able to use the words Samsung or Nokia in your site.

Expire Domain Name

Many individuals buy liye expired domains with high DA and PA, but while doing so, you must consider a number of factors. For example, some people abandon their blogs because of their un-authorized activities. Google Adsense suspends or bans the domains in question.

So, while purchasing an expired domain, you must consider a number of factors; leave a comment if you'd like more information on expired domains.

Unique and catchy Domain Name

As we previously discussed, you should choose a domain name for your blog and website that is memorable enough that people will remember it after only hearing it once.

Do not use numbers and hyphens

Some people use digits and hyphens in their domains; nevertheless, you should avoid the numbers and hyphens when choosing a domain since they do not recall your visitors and they end up on the wrong domain URL of your website, if not the wrong website. As a result, your traffic is sluggish.

How to purchase a good domain name ?

You may use Domain Name Generator to help you find a suitable domain name. The Domain Name Generator will provide you with a list of potential domain names from which you may choose.

You must have a keyword relevant to which you wish to create a blog in order to use Domain Name Generator.

After that, you must go to Google and type in Instant Domain Search, followed by your phrase in the search field.

Idea for a Domain
Following that, you will be shown with a number of domain concepts linked to your term, from which you can choose and purchase one.

Where to buy a domain for blog or website?

If you wish to buy a domain name, there are three top domain name service providers to choose from:
  • Godaddy
  • Namecheap
  • BigRock

These three providers are excellent, and you may get a domain for your blog from them.

What Is Domain Name Conclusion

What did we learn today about Domain Meaning? What is the meaning of the domain name? What is a domain, and how does one define one? What is a domain, what are the many types of domains, how domains function with name servers, and what to bear in mind while registering a domain are all crucial topics to know about domains.

Note-   A domain is a service that you rent on an annual basis and pay to the domain services provider firm. If you neglect to renew your domain for some reason, it will expire. After then, anyone can purchase the domain.

If you require any additional information regarding the domain, please leave a comment and let us know how you found this article.

FAQ- About Domain Name

What Is Domain Name?

A domain name is the address of any website on the internet. This is the readable version of the IP address for humans.

What Are The Types Of Domain Names?

There Are Mainly Two Types Of Domain Names – Top Level Domain (TLD), Country Code Top Level Domain (cTLD).

How To Buy Domain Name?

There are numerous websites where you may purchase domain names on the internet. You must first create an account on these websites before registering a domain. You can register a domain name for one year or five years, after which it must be renewed.

How Much Does A Domain Name Cost?

The cost of a domain name varies depending on the domain name extension used by each company, and domain names are often given away for free as part of an offer.

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