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How to start a blog and make money in 2022 guide for biggnners #1

how do I start a blog make mone In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about blogging, including how to make money...
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To say that blogging can be lucrative these days would be an understatement. With how much money businesses are spending on social media advertising, there’s plenty of room to get your slice of the pie if you’re blogging the right way. If you’re looking to start your own blog and make money with it, this guide will give you everything you need to know about doing just that, including how to start a blog in 2022, how to make money with blogging, and more!

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What is blogging and how do I start a blog? you ask. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about blogging, including how to make money with blogging by choosing the right niche, choosing the right platform and monetizing your blog! Plus, we’ll compare blogs and websites, so you can see the differences between them and decide which works best for you! You won’t want to miss this ultimate guide to making money with blogging!

What is blog or blogging?

Blog is an online journal that looks like a website, in which we write what we have knowledge or interest in, the articles posted in the blog are always displayed in reverse chronological order, meaning that new posts appear first and older posts appear later.The article we publish in the blog is called blog post, the person who does blogging is called blogger and this whole process is called blogging.

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In Blog, we write our ideas on any topic and publish them on the Internet. By which Internet users get information by reading our blog.

Defferance between blog and website

A blog posts information on a regular basis, but a website's content is not always updated. His homepage stay static at all times. Only after reading the need for it did the information change.
Large corporations benefit from websites because they can provide information about their items to their customers on a single page. However, practically every company now has a blog on their website so that they can stay in touch with their clients and give them with regular product updates.

For example- is a blog and is a website

Benifits of blogging

Becoming a blogger has its perks! Imagine getting paid to do what you love, setting your own hours, having flexible work schedules and most importantly, creating content that people love to read. Starting a blog can be very overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy and profitable!

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Why Should start a blog?

Blogging enhances our writing abilities, allows us to retain our thoughts and ideas in front of others, gives us an identity, allows us to earn money, gives you a different identity, and so on.

Start A blog and make money 2022

Before creating a blog, you need three things:-
  1. Blogging Niche
  2. Domain Name
  3. Plateform for blogging
And after that there are many such steps that you have to do to make a blog, so let's know

Blogging Niche

The first and most crucial step in starting a blog is to choose a niche for it. To understand what a niche is, let's look at what it is. 
The term "niche" refers to a certain area Which topic are you planning to start your blog with? (under Sector, Industry and Market). Cooking, Finance, Technology, Travels, Personal Life, Fashion, Life-style, Relationships, Parenting, and a variety of other topics are covered.
In whichever subject you have expertise, interest, or experience, you can make any topic linked to that industry the specialty of your blog and publish material relating to that issue in the form of a blog post by focusing your entire site on it.
Blogging niche refers to the topic around which you will base your blog. 
Some examples of niches include:-
  • Recipes for Food blog
  • Finance Investment and Savings 
  • Tips on the Photography Blog
  • Making Money Online Concept
  • DIY Home Decor Blogs, 
  • News Blogs, 
  • Health Tips Blogs, 
  • Fashion and Trends Update Blogs, 
  • Education and Tutorial Blogs, 
  • Parenting Blogs, 
  • Child Education Blogs, 
  • Relationship Blogs, 
  • Shayari Blogs, 
  • Lyrics Blogs, 
  • Movie Download Blogs, and more.
Blogging Specialization You must choose carefully since once you have decided on a specialty, you will not be able to modify it.
And all of your blog entries must be Related from that Niche, as well as Related from their sub-topics.
If you created a Travels Blog, you will no longer post articles on Cooking Recipes in it.


The address of your website, which subsequently becomes the brand of your online blogging business, is called a domain name.
Gamingsalt media is the name of my website, and its domain address is

Because once you've decided on a domain name, you'll never be able to modify it. So, here's what we need to know:-

There are two ways to choose a domain name: 

1.Domain Names with Keywords based
2. Generic Domain Names

You can use any name in the Generic Domain Name field, including your own name there are no restrictions on the name of your blog.
for example, there are two highly popular blogs with generic domain names, and, and there are many more.

Keyword-based domain names suggest that your core focus keywords, such as SEO journal and Backlinko, should be in your domain name.

Plateform for blogging

Today, even the article about the blog you're reading is a blog. Today, you can build your own blog on a variety of web sites. WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Wix, and Constant Contact Builder are just a few of the fantastic platforms available.
WordPress and Blogger are the most popular blogging systems.
  • Read about - Blogger (blogspot) V/s wordpress ( 

WordPress blogger
WordPress is available in two different versions: and One is free, while the other requires you to pay for hosting. In this article, we'll discuss how to set up a free blog. So, let's get started.

Start a blog and make money 2022 (Free)

A free blog is one that does not require any financial investment. If you want to learn how to blog, you should start with something free. You can invest in it once you have a good understanding of its concept and how it works. Blogger and WordPress are two popular options for creating a free blog. As a result, we will learn how to create a free blog today.

How to make a free blog on blogger

Blogger (Blogspot) is a Google product. As a result, there is no need to register an account. You can access it through your gmail account if you have one. So, let's get started on learning how to build a Google blog.
  1. Go to or using any web browser on your phone, computer, or laptop. 
  2. Enter your Gmail ID and password here to log in. If you already have a Google account, it may not prompt you to log in. 
  3. When you log in, you'll see a popup that says "Create a new blog." Alternatively, a button labelled "New Blog" can be located on the left side. To learn more, go here.
    Creat a blog
  4. Type your blog's "Title" in the box provided. This will be the title of your blog. After that, select Next.
  5. The next step is to provide a "Address," which must be unique. It will notify you that "This blog address is available" if your name is unique. After that, select Next.
    Blog adress Title
  6. You must enter your " Display name ", which is your profile name, on the next screen. After that, select " Finish " 
Your blog is now complete. The address of your blog, is whatever name you provide in the address field. A sub-domain "" is always included with a free blog. Creating a blog is, as you can see, fairly simple.

How to make a free blog on WordPress

It's just as simple to start a blog in WordPress as it is in Blogger. So, let's get started learning how to make a WordPress blog.
  1. Open your web browser and go to
    Creat blog at wordpress
  2. You'll see two options: one for a website and the other for a blog. There is no difference between the two it simply allows you to choose from a variety of themes for your website and blog. You are free to choose any option.
  3. I chose " Blog," and the next screen prompts you to choose your blog's category. Here, I choose " Writing & Books."
  4. On the following page, your category's sub-category will be displayed. You are free to select any of them.
  5. After that, you must choose a theme for your blog's appearance.
  6. On the next page, you must choose a unique domain name for your WordPress site. Then select " Free " from the drop-down menu.
  7. On the Plans page, select the " Free " option. plans for wordpress
    Join wordpress free plans
  8. You must now create an account. Simply enter your email address and password, then click the " Create My Account " button.
Your WordPress blog is now up and running. All you have to do now is access your email account and validate the WordPress email address. The.wordpress extension is included with your website or blog. You can log in to your account at any time by visiting
However, the drawback is that you cannot personalise it as you wish. You'll need to utilise self-hosted WordPress for this. You'll need a domain and hosting for that. By clicking here after you've purchased both of these, you'll be able to learn how to install WordPress.
Almost all of the major blogs and news sites you see on the Internet were built using this platform. If all you want to do is learn how to drive it, the free version will suffice.

How to write a blog post

A (+) symbol will appear at the bottom of the Blogger blog, and you may write a blog by heading to WordPress and selecting New Post. Here's a video that shows you how to write Google-friendly articles in Blogger and WordPress. It's something you should look at and incorporate into your blog.

  • How to write a blog How to write a blog?

If you are a newbie and want to learn how to create a blog, keep the following points in mind:-
Investigate which themes to write a blog post about, such as: - 
  1. How much is their Search Volume, CPC, and Competition, and how many High Authority Blogs and Websites have written about such topics.
  2. All blog posts should be at least 1000-2000 words long. Each of these has its own set of advantages.
  3. Conduct keyword research before to writing a blog post.
  4. Use LSI Keywords in your blog in addition to Focus Keywords.
  5. Make use of the Table of Contents.
  6. Create a blog post that is user-friendly.
  7. Perform on-page SEO.

Creat impotent pages for a blog

Whether you use Blogger, WordPress, or another platform to construct your blog. To build a professional and profitable blog, you'll need to include some key pages, such as:
  • About us Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Contact us Page
  • Terms and Condition Page
  • Disclaimer Page
To get information about all Pages in detail and how to make these Pages ?

Connect Blog to Google search console 

Google Search Console is a free service that allows us to register all of our websites and blogs. You must register your blog in GoogleSearchConsole after building it and writing all of the necessary pages and articles in it.
Google search console image
How can you link your blog to Google Search Console? Complete the procedure

Adding your blog or website to the Google search dashboard has numerous advantages.
  • First and foremost, your blog or website will begin to appear in Google's search engine results page (SERP), from which you will receive organic traffic from Google.
  • You will be notified when your blog and website are published.
  • You may find out which keywords your blog receives Rank by looking at the keywords it uses.
  • You'll be able to tell if your blog is mobile-friendly or if there is a problem.
  • Your blog will be indexed by Google when you publish a blog post.
  • Google's crawlers visit your website on a regular basis and index every post and blog post that you make.

Submit a sitemap to google search console

We must submit the blog's sitemap to Google Search Console after we have created the blog and submitted it to Google Search Console.
Your blog's sitemap is a file that contains a list of every post and age that has been published on your blog and website.
Google's crawlers may be unable to access parts of your website's posts and pages. That is why we require the xml of our blog. Create a sitemap and upload it to Google's search dashboard.
How to submit sitemap full process

Connect site to Google analytics

Google Analytics is a Google-owned free application that allows you to connect your blog and website for free.
Google analytics image
You can use Google Analytics to see how well your blog is performing, such as:-
  • How many individuals visit your blog on a daily basis?
  • What countries are the majority of your visitors from?
  • In real time, how many people are reading your blog?
  • Where does your blog's traffic come from: social media, organic, referral, or direct?
  • In which P ages do people spend the most time sitting?
  • Time spent on average How long does it take for people to read your blog?
That's why, after you've built your blog and written a few entries, you should link it to Google Analytics.

Read on to know how to connect your blog or website with Google analytics.

Monetize and earn money from the blog

When it comes to making money from your blog, there are  10 great ways to make money from your blog, but Google AdSense is the top and most popular source of revenue.
Adsense image
We've previously covered the entire process of creating a  blog; now we'll discover what Google AdSense is. And how can we receive Google AdSense approval for our blog?
So, in order to get money from your blog, you must first have it certified by Google Adsense. To do so, follow these steps:-
  • How to Create account in Google AdSense Beginners Guide?
  • How to Connect Google AdSense verification code to Blog?
  • Google AdSense Approval Trick in 2022?
Following approval by Google AdSense, commercial adverts from Google will appear in your blog, for which you will be compensated.

How to start a blog and make money 2022- conclusion

We learned how to start a blog in the year 2022 today. Many supporting articles have been linked in this article.
To create your blog, you must carefully study each step as well as the accompanying materials.
Each step should take a full day. If you are a beginner blogger, you must devote a great deal of time and effort to your study.
Blogging is merely a means of gaining knowledge; the more you study about blogging, the more and larger your success will be. I hope that you receives accurate information on how to create a blog here.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions about How to start a blog and make money

Should I start a blog in 2021?

2022 is a great time to start a blog so that you can experience some success and earn real money in this year. Many people choose blogging as their professional career and earn good income by doing it.

What is a blog introduction?

A blog is a sort of website that is updated with new content on a regular basis. Blog posts are short, casual writings that appear on most blogs. Text, images, videos, and other media are frequently included in these posts.

Why do some blogs fail?

The blog isn't search engine friendly. The algorithms change just when you believe you've done everything you can to optimise your blog. Another reason why blogs fail is that they ignore SEO entirely. You need people to find, read, and share your blog, but doing so without any SEO is practically impossible.

How do I start a blog with no money?

in this article we cover-up start a blog with no money

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