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Worlds first Game/ First Game in the world / History Of Video Games

History Of Video Games/ words first game/ first game in the world / Video Games History This was the first game in the world which came in 1958 The..
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Hello Gamer's Friends video games we all like today we have a variety of games like GTA, cyberpunk 2077, fortnite, Free fire, PUBG and high and realstick graphic games available.
But do you know which was the first game in the world or when and how the gaming console developed?
In today's post, we will tell you about the history of video games-
World First Game

History Of Video Games / World first Game / World's first video game

In today's time, we have all kinds of games available for PC games, Android games, PlayStation but their history is very old if we talk here even before 50 years where the games used to be very strange and basic. There were boring types where the main purpose of phone games was training or search.

Let's see one by one what was the worlds first game and how video games were developed.


This was the first game in the world which came in 1958 The name of the game is Tennis For tow, ie the first video game of tennis world came out but in the same year this game was completely finished and there were two reasons for this. The price was very high and the second game was not so special, so the game came and disappeared in the same year.
First Game in the world
After that people tried to make different types of games which were puzzle games, board games, sports type games, but they could not be so popular because the price was too high and the game was not so much fun, then people Stopped playing it becouse the intrest of people ended with this game.


The game  came to the public in 1972 with a console that you could play this game by connecting it to the TV.
In this game, the same concept of tennis was kept in which there were players on both sides and you are controlling the ball.
History Of video game/ Word's first game

Father Of Video Game 

This game  was created by  Ralph Baer , who we also know today as Father of Video Game, he realized that the price of TV is going down, why not create a system that we can attach to TV and people will play video games Was able to play directly on the screen of his television, then after years of hard work and research, he made this game.
This game was well liked worldwide and in one year, more than one lakh units of this game were sold and it became a huge hit.
Words first game and multiplayer first game in the word

After this, many different brands came and played two games with the same console idea attached to the TV, but the quality was not so much and even the competition in the game too increased, so no game was able to leave such an impact.


This game came in 1980 and this game became very popular. In this game, you see a small map in which there are many paths, you have to find the dot on the way and some optimus-like character so that you can see your character Have to save
History of games


This game came in 1984. At the start of this game we saw a dog that would go behind the bushes and then Duck would come out of the field behind the bushes and it would fly upwards. You would shoot them which the dog would collect and if If you miss your target, then that dog teases you, this game came with some such concept and it was liked a lot
Duck hunt game


This game came in 1985 this game, the whole world was shocked. If you have been a 90s Gamer, then you must have played this game, in the game you play the character of Mario in which Mario's girlfriend is kidnapped by the character of the name. And you save it, this game has become very popular due to the high level of the game and the gameplay is very fun and even today, the game likes to play this game.
Super Mario


This game came in 1989 and this game became very popular. In this game you play the character of Prince who reaches his target by killing the puzzle and enemy coming in his way. This game also has a huge roll in the gaming community. Used to be
History of video games


This game came in 1994 , by this time computers were becoming very cheap and very popular and by this time the orchid machine or coin based system had developed a lot where people started to enjoy the games and the coin based system was very good. popular game
History of video game Word's first video game


This game came in 1997 , today we have got GTA v, in which there is a lot of real stick and high quality graphic, but despite not having such a good graphic at that time, GTA has played a big role.
GTA's first game in the world

After this, the games development became very fast, then the CD of the games started getting DVD after that, after that the gaming console started getting much more advance, in today's time, we can control all the net surfing movies or social media from the game console.

(History of video game/Words first game)

This is how the journey of our gaming community has been in today's video games are also used in this, in the research within the military, where we increase the ability of humans through games.
People who say that games should not be played have a bad effect on our mind, friends, this is all wrong study. It says that people who play more action games have a much better response time in real life.

If we implement the ability of the game in real life then we can perform quite well

Worlds first game 
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Q. What is the first video game ever made?
Ans.- Tennis for tow

Q. What was the first battle royale game?
Ans.- Z1 Battle Royale

Q. When was Pacman made?
Ans.- 22 May 1980


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