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TOP 10 Upcoming Android Games 2021 / 2021 मैं आने वाले एंड्राइड गेम्स / PUBG MOBIEL INDIA / FAUG MOBILE

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Hello Gamer's
Friends, today we will talk about the games to be launched in 2021 in this post, 2021 is going to be very special for Android Gamer's.
Top 10 Upcoming Android Games 2021/2021 Upcoming Android Games / PUBG MOBIEL INDIA / FAUG MOBILE 

As you all know that there has been a lot of changes in the gaming community in the last few years, many of us have got to see the games whether it is PC game show or Android games if we talk here only in India, gaming in India very quickly. The community has grown, most of the Android games in India and in this post we will talk about the Android games which will be launched in 2021 or are likely to be launched.

         (SQUARE ENIX
The game developer company has already trailer and announced this game square Enix is ​​a very big name in the world of PC games and many people are fans of square enix games and this game is going to be an action game as we have As seen in the trailer, the camera angle of the game is shown from above which is probably not good for gamers. We hope that the developer company changes it and we get to see the camera angle like games like pubg and COD. By March-April of 2021, we can see the rest of the square enix game, so there is a lot of expectations from the developer company and this game will be fun for us.

                               Official Site

        (Riot Games Inc.)
This game is going to be RPG type game and pre-registration of the game is happening on Play Store. The graphic of this game is very hi and you will get to see this game in 2021 and as you have Apple iPhone12 and Apple iPhone 12 Pro. If you have seen in the launching, then you would know that the same game was shown by playing at the time of launching means that this game is going to be quite a hit. If a company like Apple has shown a game in their own advertisement then the game is really I will have something special

                 Pre-registration On play store

3. GTA 4
Friends, a lot of gamers are waiting for the GTA game to play in their mobile as we heard a news in 2018 with a tweet from Rockstar's official account saying that you will get GTA 4 in 2021 and 2022 If you can see GTA v then maybe you will get to see GTA 4 in 2021

                           Official Website

4. CS:GO
By the way, you will find a lot of CS: go type fan based Android games on Play Store, so we hope that in 2021 we will get to see the official game of cs: go, tell about the rest of the game, the game is quite famous. In the world of PC games and it will be player versus player game

                             CS:GO Twitter

Just as it has been announced by the official Twitter account of the activation, after the success of COD mobile, COD warzone is ready to be launched on mobile, so we can expect that COD warzone can be seen for Android in June 2021

                               Official Site

Apex agent is a much more popular game. The Android version of this game has been under development for 2 years and you will get early access to this game till Diwali and by the end of 2021 you can see the beta version of APEX legend mobile.

                            Official Website

     (Riot games)
B Florent B is a very famous game in the PC games world like the rest of the games, in the same year 2020 Vellorant has been a very famous game.

                          VALORANT Site

          (Media tonic)
Fall guys unlimited has been a very popular game in 2020, since pubg mobile has worn a lot of youtubers since playing the same game and streamed it on YouTube, which has made this game very popular and made many games similar to this game and accidentally Many people on YouTube have considered the full guys unlimited, which the fall guys unlimited ke developers also deleted those videos from YouTube, currently more games similar to this game will be found on the Play Store, but in 2021 this game officially You will get to see in one


    ( Pubg corporation)
There has been a lot of discussion about this game for about 2 months but as we have told in the last post that the game will not come or you can read that post, but let me tell you that this game will come in March 2021 and this The only reason to put the game in this list is that this game will often become pubg mobile India and not pubg mobile India.

                               Official Site

I had posted a special one for 4G mobile also, you can read that post, the rest of the game was to come in November but due to some reasons this game is still delayed, then you can expect this game to start us in 2021 I will see

                                Official site

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